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Track foodcam

Feel hungry? Use Vision Blocks to detect motion on foodcam. Whenver the food is served, you will not miss again.

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See yourself in an intrestingly distorted way. There are many distortion blocks defined and can be combined with other effects. Not satisfied? Develop an even facier one and drop us a line!

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Monitor your store/home

Setup a camera and let Vision Blocks to protect your store/home. In case there are any suspectible movement, Vision Blocks will detect it and send you a notification.

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Count faces

Too many faces to recognize and count in a photo from classmates reunion? Let Vision Blocks help! Count how many faces present in your photo/video.

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Detect color

Found an image that is too complex? Filter out a certain color in an image so that you can focus on the essential part you are interested.

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Optical Flow

Detect the optical flow of yourself in webcam and create a cool visualization of your own motion.

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Pixel art

Make your own pixel art right now. Just a couple of simple drag-and-drops. Artistic talent is nice to have, but not required. You can also customize the pixel art effect by providing several simple parameters.

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Invert color

Try invert the color of yourself in the webcam. Create a ghosty effect and play with your friends!

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Motion detection

Protect what you love. Set up a script to warn you about intruders -- all from your webcam.

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